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Obama to give more money to Pakistan

Pakistan flagEven though Pakistan is constantly demonstrating its duplicitous nature, its Islamist zeal, including its greater interest to battle India as opposed to its own homegrown terrorists — here is the U.S. government, instead of holding the Pakistani government more accountable, offering it more money. But hey — maybe the real underlying and brilliant logic here is that more money will “make them like us”?

“Obama administration seeks more aid for Pakistan,” by Anwar Iqbal for the Dawn, February 28:

WASHINGTON: The Obama administration’s budget for 2010 includes an unspecified amount of military and civilian aid for Pakistan.

Although Pakistan has asked for drone aircraft, helicopters and other equipment, the US administration has not yet said what equipment it was willing to provide.

Two top US defence officials – Secretary of Defence Robert Gates and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen – held extensive talks with Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Kayani in Washington earlier this week.

Mr Gates also met a Pakistani delegation, which included the ISI chief and was headed by the foreign minister.

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Even though the ISI is constantly being exposed as a supporter of jihadis, such as al-Qaeda and the terrorism they inflict.

‘Well, I think one of the themes that, certainly, in my meetings with Pakistanis have been, how can we work more closely together? How can we help them be effective? How can we help ourselves by helping them?’ said Secretary Gates explaining what Pakistan expected from the United States.

Or, more colloquially, how much money is the U.S. willing to fork over?

‘Clearly, more intelligence is an important aspect of that. In terms of the drones specifically, that hasn’t come up in my talks, but figuring out ways to help them have better intelligence to guide their operations, I think, is a positive thing and we ought to do as much as we can,’ he added.

Admiral Mullen also stressed the need to help Pakistan, saying: ‘It’s very important that we help resource them and develop this comprehensive strategy with Pakistan over a number of years. And I’m delighted to see that kind of support in the ‘10 budget.’…

Source: Jihad Watch


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2 Responses

  1. Solliday says:

    It’s got to be obvious that Obama throws the U.S. under the bus often. He should be impeached!

  2. John flynn says:

    We are broke we cant afford to give them money! And isn’t Binlaidn there?

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