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Yemen’s three terror fronts

YemenAl Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took credit in an internet statement Friday for a pair of suicide attacks that targeted South Koreans in Yemen.

A teen-aged suicide bomber killed four South Korean tourists in Shibam, Hadramout on March 15. A second terror attack three days later in Sana’a targeted a convoy of family members and South Korean investigators. The motorcade had left a military camp and was traveling along a highway when a suicide bomber detonated his device between two of the cars. There were no injuries to the passengers.

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Fresh attack on Koreans in Yemen

YemenA suicide bomber has attacked a South Korean delegation visiting Yemen after a deadly attack on tourists on Sunday.

Officials said no one apart from the bomber was harmed in this attack.

Reports say he walked between two cars in the Korean convoy as it was driving back to the airport in Sanaa and detonated an explosives belt.

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Al Qaeda bomber behind Yemen suicide attack

YemenA suicide bomber behind a deadly attack that killed four South Korean tourists in Yemen was trained in lawless Somalia, just across the busy Gulf of Aden shipping route, a Yemeni security official said on Tuesday.

The bombing, which is likely to further damage the impoverished country’s nascent tourism sector, came after repeated calls by al Qaeda leaders for attacks on non-Muslim foreigners in the Arabian Peninsula.

Violence in Yemen has affected foreign firms developing its oil and gas sector, while attacks on foreigners — including kidnappings by tribesmen — have hit tourism, diplomats say.

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Tourists killed in Yemen explosion

YemenFour South Korean tourists visiting Yemen have been killed by an explosion while posing for photographs near the historic fortified city of Shibam.

Two Yemenis accompanying the party to a hill overlooking the UN World Heritage site were also killed. At least three other people were injured.

The cause of the blast is unclear although Yemen has been seen as a haven for Islamist militants.

Militants are known to have a presence in the surrounding province, Hadramaut.

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