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Fresh attack on Koreans in Yemen

YemenA suicide bomber has attacked a South Korean delegation visiting Yemen after a deadly attack on tourists on Sunday.

Officials said no one apart from the bomber was harmed in this attack.

Reports say he walked between two cars in the Korean convoy as it was driving back to the airport in Sanaa and detonated an explosives belt.

Four Korean tourists and their local guide were killed in Sunday’s attack in the city of Shibam in Hadramut – a Unesco world heritage site.

A foreign ministry official in Seoul said the vehicles were carrying government officials and bereaved family members from their hotel in the capital to the airport.

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He said no one in the convoy was hurt although some of the car windows were shattered.

The Yemeni authorities have blamed local militant groups for Sunday’s suicide bombing, the latest in string of attacks against foreign targets.

Yemeni security officials quoted by AFP said they found a piece of the bomber’s identity card. It showed his address and the fact he was a 20-year-old student, they said.

There are conflicting reports about the perpetrators of Sunday’s attack in Shibam.

A local teenager went up to a group of 16 Korean tourists and posed for pictures with them as the sun set over the historic high-rise desert city. Moments later, a bomb he was carrying blew up.

Reports initially said the attacker was linked to al-Qaeda elements in Yemen, but a later report on the official news agency said he had been “tricked into wearing an explosives vest”.

Source: BBC News


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