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US needs new Pakistan strategy

USA flagUS strategy in Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent years has not worked, Pakistan’s foreign minister has said.

But Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the BBC he was optimistic about US President Barack Obama’s “different” approach, which is to be unveiled in coming days.

He said Mr Obama understood the global impact of success or failure in the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taleban.

But the minister stressed that there should be no foreign troops or US missile strikes on Pakistani soil.

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In Washington, in London and in Islamabad it is now accepted that the new focus of the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taleban needs to be Pakistan, and specifically its border areas with Afghanistan, says the BBC’s Damian Grammaticas.

“Washington is rethinking because Washington thinks that the strategy that they had adopted over the last seven to eight years has not worked,” Mr Qureshi said.

“To what extent have they succeeded in Afghanistan, that is the litmus test. Forget our weaknesses, what have you done there?” the minister added.

Mr Qureshi said the fight was one “we cannot afford to lose”.

But he said he was optimistic, due to President Obama’s “different” approach.

“They’re listening, they’re realising how important this challenge is for not just us, for this region but for the globe,” he said.

Pakistan’s top diplomat also said that the White House had told him that Pakistan and Afghanistan were now Washington’s top foreign policy priority.

Mr Qureshi also appealed for better equipment and training for Pakistan’s armed forces.

Source: BBC News


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2 Responses

  1. neel123 says:

    The US is not in the region to resolve Taliban/Al Qaeda and pack off. Taliban is just an excuse for the US to camp in Afghanistan for a long long time.
    Pakistan’s support for Taliban exactly fits into American plans to prolong its stay.
    Pakistani leadership are desperately pleading for halting American attacks on Pakistani soil, while they themselves are unwilling to take any real action against the Taliban. This just does not make any sense !
    Indications point towards an American engineered division of Pakistan to pieces that are governable, and this is not going to happen in days or months, but over a long period of gradual fracture !
    The US will do this dirty work, adding one more to its long list of dirty linen, and eventually having the entire South Asia under its direct or indirect control, with India being a compliant partner.

  2. Manish Thakur says:

    Pakistani Society Is Dangerously Delusional. It Must Either Secularize Or Implode
    Pakistan’s challenges today are so extreme that they represent an existential threat to the state itself. However, after years of being fed a warped view of the world – from biased school text books, inflammatory articles in the Urdu language press, and fiery Friday mosque sermons – many Pakistanis are living in denial. Pakistani society has become dangerously delusional.

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