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Seven arrested over Amsterdam terror threat

NetherlandsSeven people have been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of planning to blow up shops in Amsterdam.

Police said they had acted on a tip a day earlier from an anonymous caller in Belgium who had warned of attacks intended to cause many casualties.

The suspects, six men and a woman, have joint Dutch and Moroccan citizenship.

Earlier on Thursday, the authorities closed a major shopping street in Amsterdam. A concert by the American band The Killers was also cancelled.

Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen said the anonymous call to police on Wednesday night had warned of “an action with the aim of claiming casualties in busy places”.

The authorities “couldn’t take any risks”, he said, and so had ordered the closure of dozens of shops, including an outlet of Ikea.

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A police statement earlier in the day had said the threat “should be taken seriously”.

The seven people arrested have not yet been named.

District Attorney Herman Bolhaar told a news conference “As far as we can tell, none involved has a history of terrorist involvement.”

One of those arrested was related to a suspect in the 2004 Madrid train bombings, he added.

A number of properties were raided by police in Amsterdam and Belgium.

Police said most of those stores closed on Thursday were likely to remain shut on Friday.

Source: BBC News


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