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Hutu militia attacks in Congo on the rise

Democratic Republic of CongoThe United Nations Refugee Agency is greatly concerned about the rapidly deteriorating security situation in North Kivu in Congo, a spokesman for the international body said Monday.

About 160,000 people in northeastern Congo displaced since January are at risk of attack from Hutu militia, said spokesman Ron Redmond.

The seeds of the conflict date from the end of the Rwanda genocide in 1994. When the leaders of the Hutu regime that carried out those killings were defeated, they and nearly a million other Hutus fled to Congo, also known as Congo-Kinshasa.

An extremist Hutu core launched attacks on Rwanda from there prompting the army of the new government in Rwanda to occupy part of northeastern Congo.

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A joint military operation by the Congolese and Rwandan armed forces ended in February.

Since then, the UN agency reports a militia group known as the FDLR has returned to the area and has been attacking civilians and humanitarian relief convoys.

“Since the 17th of February, the UN has registered 17 incidents carried out by the FDLR. This includes killing, looting, kidnapping and raping of civilians and the ambushing and burning of vehicles. Most of the attacks have occurred along the main roads,” said Redmond.

Since that time, the Hutu militia has killed 34 people, kidnapped four and injured 22 others, according to the UN.

It has also ambushed several convoys carrying critical relief supplies.

UN agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to reach the newly displaced because of the upsurge in militia attacks, said Redmond.

Source: CBC


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