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Pakistan urges EU to shun Islamophobia

PakistanThe Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Kashmir Affairs has urged Western countries, especially the European Union (EU), to shun ‘Islamophobia’ and try to promote a better, broader and more realistic image of Islam and Muslims in media.

This was observed during a meeting between the committee and the Foreign Policy Committee of the Danish Parliament on Thursday. The Senate committee, led by Senator Mushahid Hussain, called for addressing the root causes of terrorism, poverty, injustice and deprivation, to eradicate it. “Dialogue and development are the only answer to terrorism,” it said. It said the war against terrorism could not be won through military means alone, adding it has to be backed up by spreading education and awareness.

For Pakistan: The Senate body, voicing its concern over the drone attacks, termed them a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. It said these were creating a negative perception about the war on terror among the people of Pakistan. “If Pakistan can manage its nuclear assets successfully, it can also effectively employ drones if given the chance to do so,” it said. It recommended the US consider providing the drones to Pakistan to utilise against terrorists whenever it had confirmation of their presence.

The committee also emphasised the need to abolish the “double standard” regarding human rights violations in different parts of the world, including Indian-held Kashmir and Palestine. It also focused on taking up reconstruction of Afghanistan on war footings to salvage the country. “The developments in Afghanistan are casting their shadow on Pakistan and there is need to make efforts for promoting national reconciliation and reconstruction in that country,” it said.

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The Senate body also thanked the Danish committee for its country’s support to Pakistan during the 2005 earthquake, and lauded its noble gesture of writing off Pakistan loans to promote social sector development. It also condemned the attack on the Danish embassy in Islamabad, saying terrorists have no creed or religion. However, it regretted the publication of blasphemous cartoons in the Danish press, saying such acts should not be condoned under freedom of expression. It also said the Indo–US nuclear deal was a violation of the non-proliferation treaty.

Danish committee Chairwoman Gitte Lilldind Bech endorsed the view for a comprehensive review of the war on terror. The committee also called for the establishment of a nuclear-free zone in South Asia, saying Denmark was training Afghan police so the Afghans could manage their own affairs. It said the blasphemous cartoons were not intended to hurt Muslims
and condemned recent terrorist attacks in Lahore. The two
sides also agreed to undertake frequent exchanges of parliamentary delegations.

Jeppe Kofod, Mogens Lykketoft, Naser Khader, Margrethe Vestager, Holger Nielsen, Martin Henriksen, Edmund Joensen, Eva Esmatch and Charlotte Faber comprised the Danish delegation.

Source: DT


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