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Rocket from Lebanon hit Israel

Qassam rocketsAt least one rocket fired from Lebanon landed in northern Israel on Saturday, lightly wounding three people and prompting Israel to respond with a barrage of artillery shells, the Israeli army said.

In Beirut, a security source, asking not to be identified, said three rockets had been fired from the area of Mansouri, south of Tire, and that Israel had responded by firing at least six artillery shells into southern Lebanon. No one was wounded.

The source said a second rocket landed in the village of Nakoura along the Mediterranean coast close to the Israeli border and site of the headquarters for the United Nations peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility by any group,

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The Israeli army said it responded with artillery fire because of the rocket attack.

The last rockets launched from Lebanon into Israel were fired on January 8 when a Palestinian group said it had attacked Israel in response to the offensive in Gaza.

Some 1,300 Palestinians and 14 Israelis were killed in the 22-day Gaza operation that ended in a ceasefire on January 18.

A spokesman for the Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulance service said the three wounded were lightly injured and had been taken to hospital.

Source: Reuters


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