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Arab world ‘deeply split’ on Gaza

Arab foreign ministers who met in Kuwait yesterday approved a draft resolution calling for an immediate halt to the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip and warned that they would go back to the UN Security Council resolution if the aggression does not stop.

The ministers, who met to discuss the situation in Gaza, approved a proposal calling on Arab countries to “pledge financial aid for Gaza reconstruction estimated to cost $2 billion” and another $500 million of extra aid to the Palestinian Authority.

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Most Arab foreign ministers attended the meeting, but several countries were represented at a lower level and Syria boycotted the meeting as its ambassador Faisal Al-Meqdad said the boycott came because the meeting was too late.

But he confirmed that President Bashar Al-Assad will attend the Arab summit scheduled in Kuwait on Monday. Assad was in Doha attending another Arab emergency summit called by Qatar.

The ministers issued a final statement which called for exerting all necessary efforts to force Israel to stop its aggression on Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

They also decided to keep the meeting open to follow up developments in Gaza, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told a press conference.

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa admitted that inter-Arab relations reached a new low, insisting that “there is a big chaos in the Arab world that makes the duty of the secretary general very difficult”. “I am not optimistic about the future of Arab joint action in the coming period and this will be discussed at the Arab summit in Kuwait,” Moussa said.

He also said that the summit in Doha was held outside the umbrella of the Arab League although the League will not be against its decisions. “But this is an indication for destruction and chaos in the inter-Arab relations and this is not healthy,” said Moussa who warned that such relations could worsen further in the coming months.

The Arab foreign ministers’ meeting was expected to conclude in two hours but it continued for most of the day. The ministers reviewed actions that Arab countries should take after the Israeli rejection of the UN Security Council resolution that called for ceasefire.

Saud said that differences among Arab countries are not taking place for the first time and hoped that it will not have serious negative consequences. He also proposed the setting up of an Arab fund for the rebuilding of Gaza which has been battered by the Israeli onslaught.

Prince Saud warned that if the war in Gaza does not stop, it will have “serious and far-reaching implications” and called for supporting the Egyptian initiative for a truce..

Source: Kuwait Times


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