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Israel generals on scope of war

Israeli troops IIEven as the United Nations secretary general sets off on a tour of the region, the Israeli military has been launching raids ever deeper into Gaza City.

But is this gradual expansion of the ground operation merely intended to speed the work of the diplomats, or is there a precise military goal in mind?

Yaakov Amidror, a former major general in military intelligence, believes Israel should go into Gaza as decisively as it went into the West Bank during the second intifada.

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“To conquer Gaza,” he says, “to clean it of military capabilities of Hamas, to put Hamas in a situation where even if they want to attack Israel, they can’t: this is the situation in the West Bank.”

Mr Amidror concedes that few people inside Israel want to put the 1.5 million Palestinians inside Gaza back under full Israeli control.

But he says it would be a feasible and convincing military answer to the question of how to stop the rockets.

Forcing Egypt

Maj Gen Giora Eiland, the former head of Israel’s National Security Council, disagrees.

He concedes that a wide military re-occupation of Gaza is certainly an option. But he favours halting operations now, and instead turning the screw on Egypt.

The ideal, he says, would be to stop arms smuggling by forcing Egypt to police a buffer zone five to 10 kilometres (three to seven miles) around Gaza’s south-western border.

And you can get Egypt to act, he says, by squeezing everyone in Gaza even tighter.

His ultimatum would be simple: “We will be ready to open these passages and re-supply all the needs of Gaza only when we see a reasonable solution to the security on the border between Egypt and Gaza.”

Most of the talk so far, particularly among Israel’s politicians, has been about ending the rocket attacks and preventing arms smuggling.

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Source: BBC News


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  1. joeland7 says:

    Israel is taking advantage of the political situation in the US and is testing Obama. They are losing the war of public opinion and the truth is reaching concern people all over the world. People are learning that the people of Zionist Israel are not really Jews and have not relationship to the Jews of the Torah.

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