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Egypt offer doesn’t meet our demands – Hamas

Palestinian Hamas MilitantsA senior Hamas official said Tuesday that an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire between Israel and the Gaza Strip was unacceptable in its current form, as it still does not meet the group’s demands.

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The Egyptian initiative calls for a temporary truce, followed by a long ceasefire and the opening of border crossings with the presence of the Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas, whose forces Hamas drove out of Gaza in 2007. The third phase of the initiative deals with efforts to reconcile Hamas and Abbas’s Fatah group.

Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouq told Al-Jazeera television on Tuesday any cease-fire proposal must address the group’s demands for an Israeli withdrawal of its forces from the Gaza Strip and a complete opening of border crossings.

“This initiative, if it is to be accepted, will be on the basis set by the movement from the beginning,” he said.

“I believe this track will be the launch point for the acceptance of any initiative, Egyptian or otherwise,” by Hamas, Abu Marzouq added.

A Hamas delegation is in Cairo to relay the group’s position to Egyptian intelligence officials.

Hamas envoys resumed talks in Cairo with Egyptian intelligence officials on an Egyptian truce proposal for the embattled Gaza Strip, according to officials in Cairo. The talks follow diplomatic efforts that have made little concrete progress in reconciling key differences between Israel and Hamas.

Al-Arabia television reported that Hamas has asked for the exact dates of the proposed Israel Defense Forces withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the reopening of the border crossings.

Earlier Tuesday, the London-based Arabic daily Al-HayatHamas sources have said that the Palestinian militant organization would agree to the deployment of Turkish troops along Gaza’s border with Egypt.

“We trust Turkey and its role as an Islamic country,” the Hamas officials said. They were referring to a proposal recently submitted to Hamas’ Damascus-based political chief Khaled Meshal by Turkish officials.

Source: Haaretz


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