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Israeli troops ‘edge into urban Gaza’

Israeli troops IIIsraeli forces are moving slowly into Gaza’s most densely populated areas, reports say, as they continue air and ground attacks on Hamas militants.

Some reservists are in action on the ground, but the army denied escalating the war to a “third phase” – an all-out push on Gaza City and other towns. Fewer air strikes were carried out overnight – 12 compared with as many as 60 on previous nights.

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Israeli spokesman Mark Regev said Hamas’s military machine was taking “serious punishment” and Israel was “advancing towards the end game”.

Reports suggest diplomatic efforts between Egypt and Hamas in Cairo are progressing.

“I am hopeful we can put an agreement together but it’s going to have to be worked on very hard and it’s got to be credible,” Tony Blair told journalists.

There were reports of fierce fighting around Gaza City ahead of the daily three-hour truce to allow aid deliveries to Gaza.

Israeli military spokeswoman Maj Avital Leibovich said troops were continuing their advance into urban areas.

“Since the majority of the Hamas militants are pretty much in hiding in those places, mainly urban places, then we operate in those areas,” she said, quoted by AP news agency.

Reservists are reported to be securing areas gained in the fighting.

Brig Gen Avi Benayahu, Israel’s chief military spokesman, said thousands more – who would comprise a new, expanded phase in the ground operation if it was ordered – were still in training and had not been deployed.

Militants fired at least nine rockets on Monday, one on the town of Ashkelon, striking a house, and one on Kiryat Gat, but none of them caused casualties.

Mr Regev told the BBC Israel’s goals were “very minimalistic” and “purely defensive”.

Source: BBC News


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  1. After reading Mark Joyner’s ‘How to End the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict’ blog post I decided to create a global petition to rally support for his plan. Mark’s plan decidedly avoids pointing fingers at anyone – it only asks for 3rd party intervention to provide security for all of the innocent civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and the surrounding Israeli towns – the vast majority of whom simply want to be left alone to live in peace. Please, sign our petition now!

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