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India PM says Pak “agencies” involved in Mumbai 26/11

India PakistanIndian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accused Pakistan on Tuesday of acting irresponsibly, saying November’s Mumbai attacks must have had support from some of its nuclear-armed neighbor’s official agencies.

“There is enough evidence to show that, given the sophistication and military precision of the attack, it must have had the support of some official agencies in Pakistan,” he said.

The Pakistani government, which condemned the attacks and blamed them on “non-state actors,” said it emphatically rejected Singh’s accusation.

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“Instead of responding positively to Pakistan’s offer of cooperation and constructive proposals, India has chosen to embark on a propaganda offensive,” the Foreign Ministry said, adding the approach was “fraught with grave risks.”

“Vilifying Pakistan, or for that matter any of its state institutions, on this score is unwarranted and unacceptable. This is a sure way to close avenues of cooperation in combating the menace (of terrorism),” it said.

India sent evidence on Monday to Pakistan that it said linked Pakistani militants to the attacks, including data from satellite phones and what it describes as the confession of a surviving attacker.

“India has given us some material, we are examining it,” Pakistan High Commissioner Shahid Malik told reporters in New Delhi. “There is no question of rejection or otherwise.”

The evidence was also sent to countries whose citizens were victims of the attacks, such as the United States, as India tried to corner Pakistan diplomatically into bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Source: Reuters


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