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Public out cry against Israel’s actions

Anti Israel protestComparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany and signs depicting the Star of David as equal to the swastika have been a recurring feature at rallies in the United States protesting Operation Cast Lead, the Anti-Defamation League said on Monday.

Though they lack the violence of their counterparts in the Middle East, protests held in the United States against Operation Cast Lead have included extreme rhetoric that wouldn’t look out of place among the extremists of our region.

In New York City’s Times Square on Saturday, some demonstrators called for someone to ‘nuke Israel’, and held signs that read ‘Israel: The Fourth Reich,’ ‘Holocaust by Holocaust Survivors,’ and a placard with images of Holocaust victims along Gazans with the words ‘Nazi Genocide, Israeli Genocide,’ below.

Many of the demonstrators also carried home-made Hezbollah flags, something also seen at a rally Sunday in Washington, D.C.

At the demonstration in Washington, DC, signs called the operation in Gaza ‘Israeli-US genocide of the Palestinian people,’ while others accused Israel of carrying out a ‘Palestinian Holocaust.’

These same “peace activists” chanted in support of violence against Israel and accused the IDF of carrying out wide-scale ?murder of innocent people.’

Pedestrians who passed the protest, held outside the White House, were also treated to demonstrators waving Palestinian flags and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, and the chant ‘Azza, Azza, don’t you cry, Palestine will never die.’

A demonstration in Tampa, Florida last week featured demonstrators carrying signs reading ‘Zionism is Cancer, Radiate it,’ as well as a number of signs with the word ‘Nazi’ written over an Israeli flag with a swastika instead of a Star of David.

Similar signs appeared at a San Diego, California demonstration, including ones reading: ‘Stop the Israeli Third Reich,’ ‘Israel is a Terrorist State,’ ‘Israeli Zionism = Nazism,’ ‘Stop the Israeli Holocaust on Gaza,’ ‘Israel is the old South Africa,’ and ‘Stop the Massacre in Gaza.’

‘Freedom of speech is not just a right, it is also a responsibility,’ Anti-Defamation League Chairman Abraham H. Foxman said Sunday.

‘Comparisons of Israel to the Nazis are a deeply cynical perversion of history, an attempt to turn the tragedy that befell the Jewish people into a bludgeon against Israel. While we have come to expect to see such and hear this type of inflammatory rhetoric in Arab and Muslim capitals overseas, it is deeply disturbing that it is appearing in anti-Israel demonstrations at home. Offensive Holocaust comparisons and the use of Nazi imagery are deeply offensive and have no place in a civil society such as ours.’

Source: Haaretz/Russia Today


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