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We lost our homes in Gaza for nothing – Israeli reservist

Jewish star of david‘We lost our homes for nothing,’ says reservist from former Gaza settlementThree years after being evacuated from settlements in the Gaza Strip, some of the evacuees are now returning – in uniform.

Aharon Cruz, a paratroops officer, lived in Netzarim for two years before the disengagement. On Sunday, he and his unit, to which he had been recalled a mere day after his wedding last Thursday, were back at the settlement’s ruins in central Gaza.

“On one hand, there’s a feeling of ‘what did we leave for?'” said his father, Rabbi Ze’ev Cruz. “On the other hand, there’s joy that he is returning to a place he knows.”

The ground operation has aroused strong feelings among the evacuees. Some see it as a first step toward returning to their former homes. But most simply want to shout “we told you so!” And the feelings are intensified among those who have sons serving in Gaza.

“It’s a very difficult feeling,” said Ami Shaked, former chief security officer of the Gush Katif settlement bloc, whose son is a paratrooper. “This is the first war in which my son is defending me instead of me, him.”

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Source: By Nir Hasson Haaretz


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